Monday, September 11, 2017

Mosiah, Chapter 6

1) And now, king Benjamin thought it was expedient that he should start taking names, that thereby he might determine who among his people had been naughty and who had been nice.

2) And it came to pass that there was not one soul, except it were little children, and all those who had stayed home because they were sick, but who had entered into the covenant to change their name to Christ, and it was legal now that it was recorded.

3) And not a moment too soon, for the actual Christ would not be born for another hundred and twenty-four years! Nevertheless, notwithstanding he did not yet exist, it was imperative that the society be a Christian one, particularly echoing nineteenth-century Protestantism, for the author knew very little of actual ancient Hebrew practices and beliefs.

4) And the Nephites hitched up their wagons, donned their top hats and bonnets, and headed back to the ol' homesteads.

5) And king Benjamin, or rather the former King Benjamin, lived three years and he died.

6) And it came to pass that King Mosiah did keep the commandments of the Lord in all things whatsoever the Lord commanded him, but seeing as the Lord never actually came around to say anything, that was a pretty easy task.

7) And King Mosiah did cause his people that they should till the earth, because they had not already been doing so, and because they had no need for animal husbandry, weavers, fullers, craftsmen, potters, teachers, physicians, or public servants of any kind. And King Mosiah himself did also till the earth, that thereby he might eliminate taxes and tribute altogether in exchange for providing no services or oversight of anything, since he had little spare time due to his farming. And it was all very anarchic. And there was no contention among all his people for the space of three years, for there was no king on duty to hear any disputes.